Advanced Textile Compounding for a Better World

Majilite offers transfer coating and fabric coating for the aerospace, electronics, automotive, smart textile and other industries that aid in safety, comfort and reliability.

We have designed our new facilities for sustainability into the future, incorporating solar power, emissions control and energy reclamation systems, non-solvent (water) based production, non-flame sealing processes, and power saving lighting.

Majilite products are used to protect first-responders, to produce luxury automobiles and aircraft, to make clothing breathable and lightweight, to manufacture the electronic devices of the future and to create indoor environments that promote relaxation and creativity.

Every day, we each choose how we will honor the future, how we will improve the world for our children. At Majilite, we use this vision in our daily decisions as we work with our customers to solve their smart textile needs.

Welcome to Majilite, and please let us know how we can serve you.